Vaastu and Chinese Feng Shui

Vast literature is available on these subjects. One has to study and experiment with the principles on the subject to verify the truth. Ramesh Rajagopalan has done the same and has found out that the principles on the subject of Vaastu Sastra do not stand the test. Ramesh Rajagopalan has written about this in his Article entitled "Misconceptions in Vaastu Sastra" in the Express Star Teller, a monthly magazine of the Indian Express Newspapers, India.

Ramesh Rajagopalan has combined some of the principles of Vaastu Sastra with the Chinese Feng Shui to get far satisfying results, in residential houses, factories, and commercial establishments.

A visit to the site, or a sketch indicating the East is enough to apply the remedies to improve situations. Structural/Civil changes are mostly not required.